Saturday, November 26, 2011

Iam's Recall

Some Iam's cat food products have been recalled:

Product Recall Detail
Select Varieties Iams Pet Foods (recalled Nov. 25, 2011)

IAMS Original With Chicken Cat Food 1901403915 12794177D3 6.8 lbs.
IAMS Original With Chicken Cat Food 1901410504 12794177I5 4 lbs.
IAMS Lamb Meal With Rice Dog Food 1901403735 12794177J4 15 lbs.
Reason for Recall:
The product is being recalled due to elevated aflotoxin levels.
What to do:
Return to Price Chopper for a full refund.
Contact information:
Those seeking more information should call
Price Chopper at (800) 666-7667 option 3.

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Only Price Chopper has mentioned the recall so far.

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  1. Thanks, Rebecca. I am passing this around. It is good to see you here again - you have helped a lot of us.
    Your friend, Fisher