Monday, February 20, 2012

Slippery Elm and Kidney Disease in Cats

Here is a very interesting article I found at Natural News that explains how Slippery Elm Bark can be used to heal or prevent kidney disease and renal failure in cats. It is especially significant for me because I eat a heaping teaspoon of slippery elm every day to soothe my intestines and it helps a great deal. I have only half of my small intestine and because of malabsorbtion they get irritated easily. Slippery elm is easy to find at any herb store, but I get mine at San Francisco Herb Co.
Here is the link:
Prevent or reverse kidney disease in cats

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  1. Hi there. That is interesting about the Slippery Elm. Isn't it good for diarrhea too?? How much do you give a cat?? Sounds like not very much. Hope you have a great day.