Monday, December 5, 2011

In Memory Of Mango

I was going to put the date of his birth, and the date he disappeared but honestly I don't know when he was born or how old he was. 
He came to us in 2000 from a family who just didn't want him because he was a "freak".  He was going to be "put to sleep".  They thought he might be 3 or 4 years old.
Anyway, he did have a strange personality but so would I if I was unwanted and treated badly.  Mango was definitely a study in extremes. 
He could go from intense drooling purrs to intense fear of the simplest little thing (like a shadow) to angrily slapping someone with his little paw to ecstatically doing "the bitey" all in a matter of seconds.  He barfed every day, just for the fun of it ( I am so not kidding here) and would think nothing of peeing right at the door if I didn't let him out when he demanded it.  Even in his old age he thought nothing of flying full speed onto my desk or bureau, knocking everything off, then immediately taking a 10 hour snooze.  What a character.
Mostly though, Mango was crazy in love with me. He was my cat, and I was his human. Nobody else ever did somersaults just because I walked into the room. I still miss him and find it hard to believe he's gone.


  1. Mango sounds like he was such a special kitty. I am sorry. :-(

  2. sounds like he was a fun cat,sorry that he's gone.

  3. So sorry. His story reminds me of Harold, the orange friendly beautiful cat who came to us one cold winter's day. I loved that cat to pieces. I always wanted an orange cat. Some how he got out and we never tracked him down.

  4. What a beautiful tribute to your furry friend, Mango. My heart aches with you.
    Best wishes and hugs,
    Anna's A to Z the letter O