Sunday, August 14, 2011

The One That Got Away

Taco has become interested in catching birds lately.  I guess his mouse-a-day habit is boring him. The birds around here are smart though, and he hasn't succeeded in catching any. Until yesterday.  He came home with a bluejay, and it was limp and appeared to be dead. I tried to pry it out of his mouth, but he just clamped on tighter. Finally he got tired of it and dropped it, when he did it sprang to life and flew off into a tree where it scolded him for some time.  He was as surprised as I was!  I am so glad that bird not only survived, but flew away with no problem at all!


  1. what a beautiful bird, I am glad it got away

  2. The cat before me was a master hunter and once my human wrestled a mourning dove away from her and rescued it from being dinner. And a squirrel too (that was hard - she did NOT want to touch or get bitten by that squirrel!).