Friday, July 1, 2011

Photo Hunt Saturday: Busy

Taco is not only busy destroying the bag of catnip that he stole, he was busy for awhile trying to figure out: where is the bag hidden, how to get to the top cabinet, how to actually get into the cabinet, how to get the 'nip out without falling or making noise, and lastly how to do it all without getting caught.
I think once he got to the 'nip he forgot the part about not getting caught!


  1. And why should he care about being caught, when it has merely created a photo opp? ;-)

  2. Taco, well done stealing that nip. What a fantastic picture of you. You are quite the character.You really do stay busy all the time. Great post.

  3. Taco pulled off quite the kitty kaper now didn't he - now you'll have to find a new place to hide the nip. Happy 4th!