Friday, July 29, 2011

I Miss My Bella

I can't believe she's been gone almost a week. Strangely, my neighbor Dave's cat has been missing a week.  He has two white cats and one disappeared last Friday, a day before Bella went missing.  The neighborhood stray was hit by a car and killed :(  But, good news also: another neighbor whose cat has been missing for a few weeks has her cat back! It just came home yesterday.
We've had Bella a year and a half, she was a stray who just moved in back in December of 2009.  She always demanded her freedom, there was no way I could keep her in the house.  She did get very lovable over the winter, but warmer weather sparked her free spirit and she refused to come home many nights.
I'm still hoping she will come home and that she is safe and happy.


  1. We are purring positive thoughts of Bella returning home!

  2. I sure hope Bella comes home, sometimes my baby wants to out but I just can't let him because I am afraid he won't come back come home safe Bella

  3. I am sorry that Bella has been gone a week. I had a cat disappear for 3 months and she came much to my great surprise. So don't give up. She does stay in t he house now since she has a bad heart condition. Hope Bella comes home soon. It is so awful when they take off. Drives me batty.