Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Wordless Thursday? Taco In The 'Nip

OK, so I forgot it was Wednesday.  Actually I forgot about my blog, too much gardening to do!  Here's Taco ripping catnip out of the flower pot, later he knocked it over and broke it.


  1. Well, yeah, leave a potted nip plant sitting on the railing like that and that is exactly what will happen, MOL!

  2. Taco, are you having the best time. Our Mom gave us some fresh nip today too. We had a blast rolling around in it. Hope you don't knock the whole pot off.

  3. Taco looks so intent on the the pot of nip! As for the gardening, I hope you are having fun with it. We started to do some here but it is so hot - now I just look at the mess I made and try to get the energy to get out there and clean it up. A trip to the market for nip seeds and some wheat grass seeds might spark some new energy. Anything for the cats, you know.