Sunday, May 15, 2011


First of all, I'd like to point out that I am really, REALLY glad that I wasn't home when this happened! I mean, I can deal with snakes (sort of) but NOT in my living room.
On warm days, we keep the back door open, and look what Taco brought right into the house (good thing Seth was paying attention, can you imagine this little plaything hiding under the couch and then slithering out at some unlikely moment? Geez, I'd jump out of my skin).


  1. My human used to keep garter snakes like that one as pets! She thinks they are cute! Sadly, the only snakes outside here would be rattlesnakes, which is one of the reasons I am an indoor-only kitty!

  2. Yikes, glad I don't leave our door open anymore. The cats did have a snake out in the barn a week or so ago. I do not like snakes of any kind. Although I have learned that black snakes are really good ones. Taco, you are always in trouble.