Sunday, April 3, 2011

Want To Know What Is ALLOWED In Your Cat's Food?

Little bit of interesting information here, you might be surprised.  I know I was, even knowing the crap they put in processed food. Ready?
 Here's just a partial list:
§ 573.180   Anhydrous ammonia.
 § 573.225   1,3-Butylene glycol.
 § 573.360   Disodium EDTA.
§ 573.380   Ethoxyquin in animal feeds.
§ 573.400   Ethoxyquin in certain dehydrated forage crops.
§ 573.460   Formaldehyde.
§ 573.540   Hydrolyzed leather meal.
§ 573.740   Odorless light petroleum hydrocarbons.
§ 573.880   Normal propyl alcohol.
§ 573.900   Pyrophyllite.
§ 573.914   Salts of volatile fatty acids.

Getting the idea?  CLICK HERE to see the whole list   

In case you've bee thinking about radiation poisoning lately, processed pet food already contains  radiation:

Ionizing radiation for treatment of complete diets for animals may be safely used under the following conditions:
(a) Energy sources. Ionizing radiation is limited to:
(1) Gamma rays for sealed units of the radionuclides cobalt-60 or cesium-137.
(2) Electrons generated from machine sources at energy levels not to exceed 10 million electron volts.

No need to wonder why so many animals are dying of cancer...just add fluoride, chlorine and tons of synthetic cleaners, fragrances, etc to the mix and figure it out.

AND just so you know, natural foods that are particu­larly nutrient dense, such as pollen, composted sea vegetation, sea salt, omega-3 fatty acids, various biologically active phytonutrients (dozens of these have been discovered and their proven effectiveness has created a class of beneficial ingredients known as nutraceuticals) and even some organic ingredients cannot be used because they are not "approved." 

Even though it has been proven that the amino acid, L-carnitine, may be deficient in processed pet foods, it has been forbidden. Proteoglycans such as glucosamine and chondroitin and other ingredients such as col­lagen, all of which have been proven to help prevent and alleviate arthritic conditions, have also been black listed.

Does it seem like somebody wants to keep our pets very, very sick?


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