Friday, February 25, 2011

Photo Hunt Saturday: Mostly Black

This one I had to think about, as all the current cats and people and stuff around here are not at all black.  I don't like the color black for one thing, I don't even have black clothes make me look like I should be in a casket.
But, years ago I had an awesome black cat named "Sunflower".  Now that we're mostly unpacked I actually found my old photo album and a picture of my beloved Sunflower.  She was with me for 23 years, and I had 7 kids during that time. Here she is with Ian and Noah...gosh I'm not sure that's Ian..that's what I get for having so darn many kids.
I think she is about 20 years old in this picture. Anyway she is definitely mostly black, she had just a touch of white fur on her chest.  So many years of memories...I miss my Sunflower.


  1. Sunflower looks like she was a pawsome kitty, and very tolerant of human kittens! But then, I guess she had to be in your family! :)

  2. what a beautiful black kitty Sunflower was and she had a very long life. We had a wonderful black cocker spaniel named Abby for almost 13 years, and just lost her to an autoimmune disease in January.